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Presented By: Alain Gouba and Emile Sanou

Event: West Africa Anglophone Forum 2015 (2015-03-26)

Foundation For Farming (FFF) is an initiative to bring about a change in people's lives, communities and nations through the faithful and productive use of the land. FFF encourages loyalty toward all that God has given us (the sun, soil, rain, time, seed and harvest). The technique involves permanent planting stations, abandonment of crop residues in the fields and rigorous management.

Alain Gouba holds a breeding technician diploma, degree in Development and Adult Education, a Master in Education for social change and a Master 2 in Territorial policies for sustainable development (with a specialization in sustainable agriculture). Alain works as an independent consultant. He is also a founding member of Destiny Foundation of Africa based in Benin and as it works to promote young talent, who invent, make discoveries or initiate actions that contribute to the independence, patriotism, to sovereignty, unity and development of Africa. Mr. Gouba is also host of a TV show on the ecology and the responsibility of Christians in the preservation of creation. He is responsible for sustainable agriculture component to ECHO impact center for West Africa in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Emile Sanou is an experienced practitioners FFF (Foundation For Farming) he has learned during the ECHO forums. Very impressed by this method, it has experienced in his field spontaneously. Emile has become in his village, a light that has informed dozens of his colleagues. Indeed, he has achieved good returns in operation have led many farmers in his village to ask to be formed also by Emile this practice. So this is the practical application of this method Emile Sanou will converse at the forum.