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By: Patrick Trail
Published: 2021-04-06

If you enjoy reading ECHO Development Notes, consider also signing up to receive ECHO Asia Notes. Issues are published quarterly and content remains relevant beyond the Asia Region. You will find technical articles, research updates, network member highlights, upcoming events, how-to guides, and more. 

Readers of ECHO Asia Notes can enjoy articles such as Anthony Wong’s summary of an innovative Black Soldier Fly System at the Frangipani Langkawi Organic Farm [http://edn.link/34xyjq] in Malaysia, or a collection of Livestock Feed Formulations from the Aloha House Farm [http://edn.link/ex7pwk] in Palawan, Philippines. 

In addition to articles from the ECHO Asia network, we include updates from the ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank. 

Examples include a guide on Grafting Tomatoes to Local Eggplant Rootstock [http://edn.link/hakx3p] and summaries of ECHO’s recent research making On-Farm Feeds for Pigs, Poultry, and Fish [http://edn.link/q3mcc9].

ECHO Asia Notes are published in English and regularly translated into Thai, Khmer, Burmese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Hindi. 

Subscribing is simple; sign in to www.ECHOcommunity.org and under the "Profile" sidebar, click on “Manage Profile" ->"Edit Bio” -> and check the box "Subscribe to ECHO Asia Publications.” 

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