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Food Always in the Home as modifed by Larry Yarger, ECHO, 2010  under the auspices of the Asian Rural Life Development Foundation, International

Most rural areas of the world subsist on growing food, with food security top-of-mind for most agrarian communities. Believe it or not, there are still hunters and gatherers who glean food from local plants and forests, while also growing food for their own families.

My second favorite agriculture project helped provide food security.

Given the importance of growing food, the Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center (MBRLC) created and promoted a home-yard gardening program known as “Food Always in the Home” or “FAITH” gardens. For four decades, the program has helped maximize home-gardening by promoting available local resources and introducing new vegetable varieties and growing techniques.

From the size of the garden to enabling year-round production to educating farmers about the nutritional quality of the food they plant, the FAITH garden program has provided a means of sustenance, improved health, and income for families. A well-managed 30×30 foot garden in the tropics can provide food and some extra income for a family of four to six people throughout the year! Moreover, it is fairly easy to do with the local resources available to most rural, farm families.   -- Baptist Global Response