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Now That I’m Here, How Do I Begin?

When Young Children Must Take Chloroquine

Smoked Rice Hulls as Planting Medium for Seedlin

Cow Milk to Control Powdery Mildewgs


Cow Milk to Control Powdery Mildew

Dawn Berkelaar

The control of powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginia) does not necessarily require the use of expensive fungicides. Fresh cow milk is effective against powdery mildew on zucchini squash.

Now That I’m Here, How Do I Begin?

Laura Meitzner

When you began work in a new community, how did you quickly get an overall understanding of the nature and workings of that community to form the base for your future work?

Our first task in a new location is to learn about the lives, needs, and priorities of the people there. Beginning as a learner allows the newcomer to better understand what topics community members feel are most important, so future proposed activities are more likely to fit people’s needs and have a better chance of success.

Smoked Rice Hulls as Planting Medium for Seedlings

A planting mix for seedlings must promote good growth and provide sufficient nutrients, water and air to the plant roots.

Ordinary rice hulls make a poor material for this purpose, but smoked rice hull is an excellent one. The benefits of smoked rice hull are: it provides a bacteria and fungus-free material, it has good water-holding ability, it holds its shape for a long time, and it can supply nutrients to the plant.