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The mission of Caribbean Harvest is to use modern aquacultural technology to create a domestic fishing industry for Haiti and gain nutritional benefits for all Haitians. Production from our fish farms will serve both the domestic and export markets.

Caribbean Harvest is a Haitian Charitable Foundation that seeks to create thousands of jobs for the unemployed. Through our Prosperity Aquaculture division, we function as a Co-Operative (Co-Op) for small fish farmers. All income (after growth capital, replacement capital and debt amortization) will be distributed as wages to the farmers or funds to be used for economic development of fishing village communities. 

To achieve these goals, Caribbean Harvest vows to use environmentally friendly technology to produce the highest quality fish, provide a stable work environment with equal opportunity for all workers and seek personal economic and social growth for each local producer.

Through the Caribbean Harvest programs, we pledge to oppose poverty, increase education and improve health conditions for the poorest Haitians.