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A series of videos at www.mealflour.org/diy explains how to make a small three-tiered mealworm farm. Instead of a plastic organizer (as is used in the videos), wooden boxes could be used. The top box houses adult beetles. Mesh in the bottom of the top box (tightly sealed where the mesh joins the box) allows eggs to fall through to the next level. Small worms are transferred to the bottom box. They are harvested when they reach a certain size (Figure 5), or else allowed to pupate and placed in the top box to continue the cycle. Instructions for raising mealworms are also found in the Food Insects Newsletter, Volume 9 Issue 1. Mealworms would need to be found or bought initially. Check if they can be ordered online, or check at a local pet supply store.

Insects for Food and Feed, EDN # 137