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Dr. Wilkie, a professor at the University of Florida, is a specialist in microbial metabolism. Internationally recognized as an expert in biogas technology, she has also conducted research on the practical application of anaerobic digestion for waste treatment and renewable energy production.

We are pleased to annouce that Dr. Wilkie will be presenting plenary session at the ECHO International Agriculture Conference in November.  This presentation will focus on biogas for smallholder farmers. Biogas is a renewal form of energy produced by the anaerobic digestion of materials such as livestock manure.  An important by-product of biogas systems is a nutrient-rich digestate that can be used as a biofertilizer.

In addition to her plenary session on Thursday, Dr. Wilkie will be leading an optional post-conference workshop on Friday, November 18. This workshop will highlight biogas production and include practical demonstrations. On the same day, Brad Lancaster will also be hosting a post-conference workshop on water harvesting in dry climates.   

You can sign up for these workshops online: Reserve My Post-Conference Workshop Spot

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ECHO's 23rd annual International Agriculture Conference's plenary lineup includes speakers spanning a broad range of subjects. Included in the three-day conference are sessions on agroforestry (Dr. P.K. Nair), creation care (Scott Sabin) and several appropriate technology topics: greenhouse and aquaponics projects (Rex Barber), biochar (Dr. Roy Beckford), water harvesting (Brad Lancaster) and biogas systems (Dr. Ann Wilkie).

ECHO Tech Note #44: Methane Digesters has been recently updated. There are many designs for methane digesters ranging from large and complex to small and simple. This document covers two main types of digesters: batch digesters and flow-thru digesters; and two main types of gas collectors: tube collectors and floating collectors.