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Published: 1995-06-19

David Noel in Australia asked, “Why do you copyright EDN? The info is so useful it deserves the widest possible audience. We would often like to reprint something in "Quandong” but are deterred by the copyright notice.“ 

We always gladly give permission for nonprofit organizations to quote, abstract from, or reprint in whole or in part occasional EDN articles in their regular newsletter. Consider this a blanket authorization for such use. (Forprofit users wanting to quote more than a few paragraphs or anyone wanting to regularly publish EDN in another language, please write for permission.) We do have two requirements for any use of our material. 

First, mention that the source is Echo Development Notes, giving the date of publication and address. Be clear whether you are quoting directly or abstracting. Second, it is very important that you delete any reference to free seeds. We grow enough seed for our own network of development workers, but not for large numbers of people beyond that. There are so many farmers in the world that we limit our free seed distribution to people working with church and mission agencies or development, educational or research organizations. Others can always purchase seed for $2.75 per packet, postage included. 

If you want to include offers of seed, contact us to see whether we might happen to have an extra large amount. Sometimes we give permission for another newsletter to extend our offer to their own network of development workers. On rare occasions we might even have enough to be able to sell you a modest quantity of seed to distribute.

We have long planned to one day publish a book based on material in past issues. So we copyright EDN to keep others from using it as a basis for a book, while still allowing development workers to benefit from it. We are now hard at work on this book and will complete it after we publish issue # 50 this fall. You will be hearing more about this.

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ECHO Staff 1995. Why Does ECHO Copyright EDN?. ECHO Development Notes no. 49