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Presented By: Paul Rudenberg

Event: ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2012 Presentation (2012-12-20)

Christ-centered community development based on faith-sharing, a generous influx of resources, and appropriate agricultural and other technology may still fail if a deep level of community transformation hasn't occurred. Historical wounds (including slavery and colonialism) are often much deeper than generally thought. Their legacy of inferiority, fears, apathy and mistrust, may persist, sabotaging community

A proposed approach to community transformation beginning with affirmation of creation and God-given human capacity, and on personal/community reconciliation, and an approach to technological intervention focused on respect for local capacity, literacy in native language, and genuine participatory reflection and education will be presented.

Presenter : Paul Rudenberg has worked as a veterinarian, teacher, and learner alongside small farmers in Haiti for twenty years, primarily as an educator in animal husbandry and health. The context of his work has ranged from educational programs for grassroots farmer groups on the island of La Gonave (Service Chretien D'Haiti), rural project management as an organization country director (Heifer International), and in academic leadership at an agricultural college (American University of the Caribbean). He has helped train veterinary
workers throughout the country, especially in the south where he lives on a small farm with his wife Marguerite and three children.