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Presented By: Hamis Dulla Mzoba

Event: Symposium on Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture (2019-02-14)

Session:  His talk will cover definitions with some mention of basic CA principles and practices, the origin of CA technologies in reference to the US Dust Bowl of 1930’s and comparison between conservation and conventional agricultural technologies. It will highlight the main problems associated with conventional agriculture practices, a range of CA technologies, benefits and opportunities of scaling up CA through mechanization and tillage service provision (TSPs). It will conclude by posing some general and specific challenges facing the promotion of CA promotion in the Tanzanian context.

Biographical information: Hamis Dulla Mzoba, Conservation Farming Unit – Tanzania holds a MSc. in Natural Resource Management (Community Development elective) from Cranfield University, UK, and a BSc. Degree in General Agriculture from Sokoine University in Tanzania. He has for the past 18 years promoted Conservation Agriculture as an agronomist working with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), African Conservation Tillage Network (ACTN) and Conservation Farming Unit (CFU)-Tanzania. His expertise spans a range of subjects from developing and refining CA systems that could be readily adapted by farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to introducing innovative farming technologies to capacity building and facilitating farmer to farmer learning. His network is wide across government, the private sector and agribusiness.