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Abstract, International Food Research Journal, 2018

The leaves of Kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix DC) are marketed in dried or powdered form. In this research, the effect of oven drying at a relatively low temperature but in a long time with or without the following pulverization on the characteristics of kaffir lime leaves was investigated. The change of moisture analyzed by vacuum oven method, the color analyzed by a chromameter, the yield of essential oils and the volatiles composition analyzed by GC-MS were observed for fresh, dried and dried-pulverized kaffir lime leaves. A moisture content desired for storage, 7%, was achieved when the leaves were dried for 12 hours using a cabinet dryer at 50°C. The yields of essential oils of the dried leaves were decreasing after their pulverization process into powder. Their color characteristics according to L, a and b values tend to increase. The volatiles composition also changed. Among the essential oil components, citronellal, an important volatile in the fresh leaves, was found to decrease, but on the other hand the oxidized compounds such as oxygenated sesquiterpenes were dominantly present in the yields.