Presented By: Nachimuka M. Cheepa

In Zambia the use of draft animals has intensified during the last decade. More farm operations (tillage, planting, weeding and harvesting) as well as transport are being done with animals. Ninety-five percent of draft cattle owning household reside in the Southern, Eastern, western and Central Zones of the country. Fifty-two percent of cropped area in these zones is done by draft animals. Animal traction constitutes a major aspect of the country’s agricultural policy and practices. The successful implementation of this policy has however, been ruined with negative effects of sudden liberalization of the agricultural policy, drought and cattle diseases. The high cattle mortalities caused by diseases and drought resulted in decline of crop production. This high cattle mortality has left few draft animals to do more work. The proportional of farmers hiring or borrowing can be high. Cows have been employed to meet the short-fall.