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Does taking moringa cause side effects? Before asking this question, stop thinking of moringa as a medicine and think of it as what it really is, a nutritious vegetable. Replace your question with the name of your favorite nutritious vegetable, for example “Are there side effects from eating broccoli?” This will help you think properly about moringa and how to eat moringa, as well as manage your expectations regarding “side effects.”

The answer is that no, there are generally no side effects to eating a vegetable, but everyone has different reactions. Some people get gassy from eating cauliflower, but most of us can eat it with no problem. Soy products get put in everything from peanuts to potato chips, but some people are horribly allergic to it. I have never heard of anyone allergic to moringa, but there is no reason to assume that it is impossible. But when people speak of “side effects,” they mean a reasonably dependable, undesirable secondary effect. There are plenty of compounds in plants that can cause unwanted effects. Let’s have a look at what might be in Moringa oleifera

Dr. Mark E. Olson