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Support Green Communities (SGC) was founded to bring high level consulting and best practices to power and telecommunications projects in developing countries with a strong emphasis on building key competencies and capacity in local teams.

The organization provides high level consulting for clients in the areas of proposal development, project management and delivery, strategy, marketing, operations, technology, mergers & acquisitions and longer term sustainability across all utility industries and EMEA geographies. SGC consulting aligns itself with the clients' needs and opportunities.

SGC brings extensive, high level expertise, but prides itself in its practical approach: capturing value through industry "best practices” and the ability to transfer such practices and knowledge from one organization to another. SGC provides organizational change management assistance, mentoring & coaching, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services.

SGC use their own proprietary methodologies, ROAR©, to guide the identification of issues, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective and efficient ways of performing work tasks and training for the development of high performing teams.
ROAR© Responsible, Ownership, Accountability, Resourcing

SGC has a code of practice for all work undertaken;

Integrity & Transparency
Above all , SGC prides itself in the development of honest relationships with its client. The need for transparent and effective communication in all phases of the work SGC performs for its clients is imperative. Integrity is mandatory and a natural trait for SGC.

Client Priority
Once SGC undertakes to commit and/or represent a client, that client is SGC’s top priority. SGC is fully dedicated to the client’s mission, bringing a solid work ethic to each case and dividing staff and hours fairly among our case load. SGC perform all assigned tasks to the utmost of our abilities and resources.

Objective Assessment
Utilizing the expertise of our niche in the Utility and Telecom Industry, SGC looks at each client case individually, analyzing the task at hand and offering impartial analysis. We undertake many cases on a Pro Bono basis and just ask in return the charitable contributions are made to Charity Organizations dedicated to education and the empowerment of women.