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Published: 2001-10-20

The International Foundation for Science (IFS) is an NGO that provides support to scientists in developing countries to do research on the management, use and conservation of biological resources. IFS awards research grants in amounts up to US$12,000. Research periods usually last one to three years, and awards may be renewed up to two times. The awards are intended for purchase of research equipment, supplies and literature. Awards are not intended for salary, travel or education. The selection process is rigorous, and the criteria are very specific (see below). Since 1974, IFS has provided support to over 2,900 scientists in 99 developing countries.

In order to apply for an IFS Research Grant, you must be a scientist and citizen of a developing country (not eligible are citizens of Turkey, Cyprus, Argentina, Uruguay, the former Soviet Union, and countries in Eastern Europe). You must be under 40 years of age (under 30 for Chinese applicants), have a M.Sc. degree or equivalent, and be at the beginning of your research career. You must be employed at a university or research institution in a developing country that will provide a salary and research facilities. You must be qualified to do research in one of the IFS Research Areas, which are Aquatic Resources, Animal Production, Crop Science, Forestry/Agroforestry, Food Science, and Natural Products. If you wish to collaborate with other researchers on a project, each person must meet the criteria. In the case of a team effort like this, each person involved should submit an application describing his or her area of responsibility for the project. Applications are judged based on “personal qualifications; the scientific quality and feasibility of your proposal, and the relevance of the research results you plan to achieve.”

If you are eligible, you may apply for a grant on the appropriate IFS Application Form. Application Forms are available in English or French and can be downloaded from their web site (http://www.ifs.se), or you can request a paper form via e-mail by writing to info@ifs.se. You can also write to the IFS headquarters at the following address to request a form: IFS Secretariat; Grev Turegatan 19, SE-114 38; Stockholm, Sweden; Telephone: +46 8 545 818 00; Fax: +46 8 545 818 01.

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