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Caryota mitis




This is a clustering species, with many trunks to about 6 m (18 FEET) tall, with bipinnate leaves. Fishtail palms typically form multi-stemmed clusters, up to 25 ft (8 m) high and 12 ft (4 m) wide. Each slender stem is topped with several bipinnate leaves that can reach 9 ft (3 m) in length. The light green leaflets are shaped like a fish's tail fin, hence its common name (see photo below). Like other species in the genus (see C. urens), as well as the related genera Arenga (see A. engleri) and Wallichia, mature plants first begin flowering at the top of the stem. Subsequent flowering proceeds lower and lower down the stem. After the last flowering, the stem dies and should be removed. The clump will survive, however, and continue to produce more stems.   Palmpedia


Common Names

  • Thai
    • เต่าร้าง