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Most recently, a method known as the Inoculated Deep Litter System (IDLS), was incorporated into a piggery installed on the Big Island in Kurtistown, Hawaii, and became operational in August 2009. This method incorporates some of the concepts of the MDL system.

The Waste Management Plan for this facility was developed in April 2007, by Buddy Perry, Soil Conservationist with the Puna Soil & Water Conservation District. Mr. Perry is now a Soil Conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in the Hilo Field Office.

The University of Hawaii: Manoa - College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources, Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education, Farm Pilot Project Coordination, Hawaii County Research & Development, and the Big Island Resource Conservation & Development Program provided assistance for this project.

It is based upon principles explored on a fact finding trip in 2008 to Korea, by Mike Duponte, Dwight Sato, David Ikeda, & David Matsuura of the University of Hawaii. This piggery uses a dry deep litter system.