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Abstract, A Case Study, 2012

Bamboo was treated by steeping method using boric acid borax, copper chrome boron and cashew nut shell liquid treatment for 14 day. After treatment, quality evaluation of bamboo was done by cutting bamboo in sample size of 61 cm (2’) and exposing them to environmental condition. Mechanical properties of 61 cm (2’) bamboo (30.5 cm (1’) buried in soil and 30.5 cm (1’) above soil were determined by using universal testing machine. Preservation of Dedrocalmus ritchy (manga) variety of bamboo can be done by using boric acid borax and copper chrome boron. Cashew nut shell liquid is not suitable for steeping method. Tensile stress and compressive stress treated with boric acid borax was maximum. Tensile stress of bamboo goes on increasing from bottom to middle height and decrease from middle to top.

Key words : Bamboo, Treatment, Mechanical properties