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The Mucuna News is an output of a Rockefeller-funded project on "Increasing Mucuna’s Potential as a Food and Feed Crop", which arose from a workshop organized in April, 2000, by CIDICCO (the International Center for Information on Cover Crops, based in Honduras) and CIEPCA together with Judson College in Illinois, USA. This small, interdisciplinary workshop, entitled "Food and Feed From Mucuna: Current Uses and the Way Forward", brought together development practitioners, animal and food scientists, plant breeders, and researchers in toxicology and ecology in order to discuss the development of several alternate uses of Mucuna. The impetus for the workshop was the increasing awareness among diverse groups that, although Mucuna is a well-recognized manure/cover crop known for high biomass production, weed suppression, and beneficial impacts on main crop yields, farmers often require more direct benefits (such the ability to produce food or livestock feed) before adopting it