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Presented By: Penny Rambacher

Event: 2014 ECHO International Agriculture Conference (2014-11-19)

The world relies on just five crops for more than 50 percent of their food intake.  If anything happened to any one of these crops, millions would starve to death.  In her presentation Penny will explain why it is important to select underutilized, nutritious crops, and learn everything you can about them, and then promote these super foods for the benefit of mankind.  Penny is a crop champion promoting chaya and chia seeds in Guatemala.  She will share her experience on how to be an effective crop champion and reduce malnutrition and hunger.


Penny discovered her passion for helping the poor while flying to Latin America as an American Airlines flight attendant. In the nine years since she founded Miracles in Action, a non-profit charity based in Naples, Florida, Penny has coordinated the construction of 46 rural schools, 20 village water systems 1000 water purifiers, over 2100 safe, fuel efficient stoves, and establishing community/school gardens to include nutrition/agriculture education workshops.