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Cows and maize are often the first images that come to mind when thinking about farms, but many non-traditional types of farms also exist. Ostrich farming is one type of agriculture that can have many advantages.

The ostrich (Struthio camelius) is a member of the ratite family (flightless birds). The ostrich is indigenous to Africa, Syria and Arabia; at present wild ostriches are only found in Africa. The first wild ostrich was tamed in 1863. A new branch of agriculture was established in the Karoo and Eastern Cape due to the farming of tamed ostriches. A severe drought in 1865 was an incentive for farmers to keep ostriches, which are adapted to survive in arid areas, in order to supplement their income. According to research, ostriches produce meat and consume resources at a ratio that is much more profitable than beef cattle. An ostrich farm requires only a small area of land and can generate revenue in several different ways.

Ostrich farming cannot be compared with chicken farming and it is thus important to take note of the finer points of this new farming type in order to ensure good results.