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Published: 2010-07-20

ECHO intern Scott Britton found a very helpful FAO website that provides plant information for many of the plants we promote: http://ecocrop.fao.org/ecocrop/srv/en/home

Scott shared, “The website features a “Find plant” link, taking you to a database of 2568 plants. The individual plant files offer brief descriptions and a “Datasheet’ link provides tables of growing information. Try typing in "vigna acon” for mothbean—it took me about 30 minutes to compile all of those data from other sources.

“It also has a “Search” link at the homepage offering the user the chance to enter selected growing info and search for plants matching those selections.”

Other good sources of plant information regularly used by ECHO staff include Purdue University’s Hort New Crop search (www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/)), www.worldagroforestry.org/resources/databases/agro… tropicalforages.info and Winrock’s fact sheets on Nitrogen Fixing Tree Species (www.winrock.org/fnrm/factnet/factpub/factsh.htm)..) AVRDC’s website also has great information sheets (www.avrdc.org/LC/indigenous/)).

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ECHO Staff 2010. Plant Information Online. ECHO Development Notes no. 108