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This collection provides a comprehensive assortment of hundreds of classic cases of crop nutrient deficiency documented from research plots and farm fields located around the world. IPNI would like to thank our contributors; many are agricultural researchers, extension staff, crop scouts, and farmers. You’ll find 600 images intuitively grouped according to the three nutrient types required for plant growth (i.e., primary, secondary, and micronutrient). Image galleries and search results can be narrowed by available crop-type. Text and diagrammatic descriptions of nutrient deficiency are also available as supporting information.

List of crops currently in the collection:
alfalfa, almond, apple, avocado, banana, barley, basil, bean, beet, bermudagrass, bitter gourd, blueberry, cabbage, carrot, cashew, cassava, castor, cauliflower, celery, cherry, chestnut, chickpea, cinnamon, citrus, clover, cluster bean, cocoa, coconut, coffee, cotton, cowpea, crabgrass, cucumber, eggplant (bringal), flax, forage, ginger, grape, grapefruit, green gram, groundnut, guava, kudzu, lemon, lentil, lettuce, mahogany, maize, mandarin, mango, mustard, oat, oil palm, onion, papya, passion fruit, pea, peach, peanut, pearl millet, pecan, pepper, pineapple, plum, potato, radish, rapeseed (canola), rice, river birch, rubber, sorghum, soybean, sugarbeet, sugarcane, sunflower, sweet potato, taro, tobacco, tomato, turf, turmeric, watermelon, wheat, yam

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