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The Germplasm Inventory Management System (GIMS) records seed flow within germplasm banks, breeding programs and research institutions that develop germplasm. Its main functionalities are to manage information about germplasm quantities (germplasm inventory) and to track germplasm history, the process of germplasm production over successive generations. The Germplasm Inventory Management System consists of 3 modules: 1. Germplasm Acquisition Module 2. Germplasm Inventory Module 3. Germplasm Distribution Module

The Germplasm Inventory Management System is designed to be general and flexible. It can be made to conform to genebank standards and can also be modified to satisfy the needs and expectations of different institutions’ practices. With the Germplasm Inventory Management System it is possible to track each individual germplasm seed packet, where it came from, how it is created, where it is stored, to whom it is sent and also it’s passport, characterization and evaluation data.