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2015 ECHO West Africa Anglophone Forum - Presentations

Presentations from the 2015 ECHO West Africa Anglophone Forum held in Accra Ghana.

Agricultural Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa - N. Wonders Avedzidah

Agricultural Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa
Our west African agriculture is facing a lot of challenges, some are natural some are from human action identifying those challenges is a good point first step for action. Avedzidah attended University of Ghana, Legon and obtained National Diploma in General Agriculture. Proceeded to the...

Addressing Systemic Poverty through Permaculture Practice - Dr. Kimberly Daniels

Addressing Systemic Poverty through Permaculture Practice
This presentation focuses on the practice of sustainable agriculture combined with sustainable living through a design philosophy known as "permaculture" for addressing systemic poverty issues in poor areas. Permaculture is a contraction of the words "permanent" and "culture", and is guided by...

Legume Intercropping with Moringa and Maize - Arun Jani

Legume Intercropping with Moringa and Maize
Through research in South Africa, ECHO has been developing best-practices for growing Moringa and other crops. This reasearch, through the Howard G. Buffet Foundation, demonstrates growing Moringa on a large scale for powder production including soil fertility management and pruning. This...

Policy Regarding Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Yaw Ameyaw Ph. D.

Policy Regarding Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Plants have been used since ancient times to heal and cure diseases and to improve health and wellbeing. Despite ancient nature of the tradition, medicinal plants still form the basis of traditional or indigenous health systems and are reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) to still be...

System of Rice Intensification (SRI) - Stacy Reader

System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is a methodology aimed at increasing the yield of rice produced in farming. It is a low water, labor intensive, organic method that uses younger seedlings singly spaced and typically hand weeded with special tools. It was developed in 1983 by the French...

Shea Butter Extraction and Processing - Beatrice Ayamga

Shea Butter Extraction and Processing

Foundations for Farming - Alain Gouba and Emile Sanou

Foundations for Farming
Foundation For Farming (FFF) is an initiative to bring about a change in people's lives, communities and nations through the faithful and productive use of the land. FFF encourages loyalty toward all that God has given us (the sun, soil, rain, time, seed and harvest). The technique involves...

Perennial-Valuable Vegetables - Beth Doerr

Perennial-Valuable Vegetables
There are perennial vegetables that are quite resilient and also highly nutritious. These vegetables can significantly improve diet, increase the body’s ability to capture the value of foods, and be incorporated into common foods. This presentation will discuss producing and using Chaya, Katuk,...

Abundance in the Ordinary: Appropriate Technologies - Beth Doerr

Abundance in the Ordinary: Appropriate Technologies
There is abundance in the ordinary – that which is often unseen or overlooked – that can be harnessed to change mindsets, resource use, and community benefits. Beth Doerr presents examples, experiences and thoughts that enlighten, challenge and guide communities to discover the abundance in their...

Overview of Moringa - Beth Doerr

Overview of Moringa
Growing and using Moringa can transform the health and economics of people dealing with resource limitations. Beth Doerr is an ECHO specialist on the Moringa plant, its production and the many uses and benefits of its growth, leaves and seeds. 

ECHO's Engagement Around the World - David Erickson

ECHO's Engagement Around the World
An overview of ECHO's regional Offices in West Africa, and in East Africa. David Erickson serves on the Executive Team of ECHO, Inc. and oversees the organization’s international activities. He also helps guide the strategic and organizational development of ECHO. His undergraduate studies...

2015 ECHO West Africa Anglophone Forum - Workshop Session Presentations

Workshop Presentations from the 2015 ECHO West Africa Anglophone Forum held in Accra Ghana.

Beekeeping (Apiculuture) - Dzadzra Enoch Kwamla

Beekeeping (Apiculuture)
Apiculture, the scientific management of bees in special enclosures in order to increase yield of hive products and gain pollination benefit, has a great future in Ghana if it is properly harnessed. Traditional method of honey production which is common in many parts of Ghana especially the...

Plant Ecology - Stacy Reader

Plant Ecology
Understanding the structure of plants and how they interact with their environment proves to be very important and helpful in overcoming agricultural challenges from drought to pests and from climate change to introducing new plant varieties. In this workshop, participants will gain valuable...

Aquaponic Gardening - David Yayravi

Aquaponic Gardening
Aquaponics looks like a real solution to food poisoning and environmental degradation through the extensive use of agro-chemical products. This method of food production which sees a symbiotic relationship between fish farming and crop farming is safe way of producing food naturally as God...

Church and Community Development - Robert Sanou

Church and Community Development
Does the Church have a responsibility on community development? In other words is community development a part of the great commission given to the church by Christ? Robert has a master degree on law from the University of Ouagadougou, He also have a master on project management and is...

Culturing Beneficial Micro-organisms - Stacy Reader

Culturing Beneficial Micro-organisms
Around the world, many agriculturists and gardeners are adopting soil amendments and fertilizers that are called bokashi. Bokashi is a Japanese word that has no good translation into English. However, all types of bokashi are produced through fermentation processes. Small amounts of beneficial...

Economic Relevance of Farm Animals to Small Scale Farmers - Dr. Anthony Nsoh Akunzule

Economic Relevance of Farm Animals to Small Scale Farmers
Farm animals such as large and small ruminants, monogastric and non-conventional animals provide economic stream of family income as well as livelihoods in the social and cultural domain to majority of farmers in the country. Small scale farmers form about 80% of producers of livestock and...

Healthy Kitchen Gardens - Stacy Reader

Healthy Kitchen Gardens
Kitchen gardens are principle sources for family nutrition because they have leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and important energy crops. Stacy Reader has just completed her 14 month Internship at ECHO-Florida where she managed the “lowlands” zone and shared responsibilities for the...

Horticulture Industry in Ghana - Harry Bleppony

Horticulture Industry in Ghana
The horticulture sub-sector is a very important segment of Agriculture. It plays a vital role in income generation, foreign exchange earnings, employment and food security The horticulture sub-sector has the potential for the needed diversification of the exports base, modernization of...

Live Fencing - Arun Jani

Live Fencing
Successfully developing and maintaining live fences can be both challenging and beneficial. Densely-planted native or well-adapted thorny shrubs can be planted around fields to keep out livestock. Some species also have secondary benefits including fruit fodder production. These fences also...

Micro Irrigation - Beth Doerr

Micro Irrigation
This workshop will explored ideas for irrigating vegetable gardens including ideas for homemade irrigation systems as well as factory made irrigation systems. Beth has a B.A in International Agribusiness and is a former ECHO intern who returned to ECHO in 2004 after working for 13 years in...