Our schedule is still being developed but the general schedule is as follows:

Mornings: Plenary Speakers

  • Dr. Pepijn Schreinemachers- Improving Lives Through Small-scale Vegetable Gardening
  • Dr. Ozzie Abaye- Smallscale Silage Production in the Tropics
  • Dr. Laval Yau- Business for Transformation in Myanmar
  • Dr. Tom Thompson- Soil Fertility and Management for Smallholder Farmers
  • Karen L. Stoufer, DVM- Participatory Methods "The Answer is in the Room"
  • Melanie Edwards- Coffee in Myanmar
  • Jeff Palmer- Improving Lives through Seeking First to Understand
  • Osamu Arakawa- Life Giving Agriculture and Life Killing Technology
  • Aj. Pui- organic seed production systems

To read bios and synopsis of our speakers go to

Afternoons: Workshops (we will have dozens to choose from!)

Evenings: Every evening we will have different events including:

  • Poster sessions/proceedings
  • Coffee Cuppings/grading
  • Seed exchange
  • Final evening banquet

Final Friday Site Visits: A selection of 8-10 half-day and full-day site visits will be available for your choosing