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We are a non-profit online community of visionary, dedicated and passionate farmers who have come together to encourage, share and assist one another with valuable Production Information and Technology regarding the best agricultural practices and trends around the world. Our primary goal is to Promote Sustainable Agriculture as a viable tool to Food Security.

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---  Zambia Agribusiness Society

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100 Issues in this Publication (Showing 51 - 60) |

C- Onion Management Schedule 2018 – Peter Burgess and Mélanie Leclerc

This publication was compiled by representatives from Perennia using information from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada, specific pesticide labels, previous Atlantic Provinces Vegetable Pest Guides and manufacturer’s information. This information is continuously changing and therefore it can cease to be current and accurate. Pesticide labels are the best source of information and should always be consulted prior to using a product.

C - Onion Diseases – ZAS

This resource cover onion diseases such as: 

  • Damping-off 
  • purple Blotch 
  • Stemphylium Blight
  • Basal Rot
  • Downy Mildew
  • OnionSmut
  • Onion Smudge
  • Black Mould
  • Bacterial Brown Rot
  • Onion Yellow Dwarf
  • Anthracnose
  • White rot
  • Neck rot

C- Onion Diseases – USDA Sanitary Phytosanitary Project

This Resources highlights onion diseases such as: 

  • Botrytis brown stain
  • Sclerotium bulb and stem rot 
  • Bacterial Soft Rot
  • Slippery Skin and Sour Skin 
  • Xanthomonas leaf blight
  • Mildew 
  • Black Mold 
  • Blue Mold Rot
  • Smudge (Anthracnose)
  • Downy Mildew

C- Onion Crop Management Practices – INDORAMA

Topics covered in this resource include: 

  • Soil Requirement 
  • Site selection
  • Land Preparation 
  • Seed rate and treatment 
  • Planting
  • Fertilizer Requirement 
  • Harvesting
  • Yeild 

C- Diseases and Pests That Affect Onion Cultivation and Their Management – Practical Action


Understanding the diseases and pests that affect onion farming and their management and prevention.

C - Sugar Bean Production Factsheet – LSFP

Importance of sugar beans:

  • Valuable source of protein.
  • Enhancement of soil fertility through nitrogen fixation.
  • Valuable cash crop.

C- Sugar Bean Growers Guide - ZAS

Topics covered in this resource include: 

  • Soils and climate 
  • Varietal choice
  • Planing and crop establishment
  • Fertilisation
  • Plant spacing for beans sown on 45cm rows
  • Plant spacing for beans sown on 50cm rows
  • Diseases
  • Pests
  • Harvesting 

C - The Ultimate Pawpaw Production Guide: From Planting to Marketing – Evans Mfani

This guide is written to help starters make their first steps in commercial pawpaw production and to help improve production for those who have been doing pawpaw farming. It is a simple, easy to follow guide that provides step by step directions right from land preparation to post harvest operations. Details provided here reflect practical aspects as recorded on the farm. Considerations have been made to the varying conditions in different parts of the world. The writer has therefore made efforts to customize information to fit conditions of different places. This guide, despite providing information in modern intensive farming, has a bias on organic farming. It is the practice of Richfarm Kenya and the belief of the author that organic farming is not only sustainable but the ultimate solution to food security and environmental conservation. Constant revision of the information and practices provided here will be done in subsequent publications to provide updated information.

C - Growing Cassava – A Training Manual from Production to Postharvest – Adebayo B. Abass

This training manual was developed based on research results and field experiences of cassava value chain development experts. It provides consolidated and relevant set of techno-commercial oriented information presented with simple annotated drawings to explain the step-by-step use of improved techniques and tools of cassava production, handling, processing, storage, quality assurance and marketing.

The manual will be useful to farmers, processors, marketers, extension agents and other experts who are supporting cassava commercialization in Africa. The use of the manual by value chain actors will enhance their knowledge and capacity to improve efficiency of their cassava related operations and can increase profitability.

C - Use of Cassava and Sweet Potatoes in Animal Feeding – V. Ravindran

This is one of two booklets in the Better Farming Series devoted to te use and processing of cassava and sweet potatoes for animal feeding. It describing various ways of feeding different parts of the plants (roots, peels, and foliage) in several forms (fresh, dried, in meal or silage) to different types of animal: monogastrics (pigs, chickens and rabbits) or ruminants (cattles, buffaloes, shepp, and goats). It gives practical recommendations to the farmer and extention worker, for the best use of these feeds. In particular it insists on the need for protein, mineral and vitamin supplements.