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Hair sheep of Western Africa and the Americas: a Genetic Resource for the Tropics

A great choice for the small or backyard farmer, dairy goats require a smaller investment than cows and produce milk that makes delicious yogurt and cheese. This fourth edition includes more on pygmy goats, health care, bree...

Haiti - Today and Tomorrow: An Interdisciplinary Study

This interdisciplinary study analyzes the causes of what the editors call 'Haiti's abysmal underdevelopment.' Includes contributions from 25 leading authorities on Haiti.

Haiti's Bad Press: Origins, Development, and Consequences

Haiti's Bad Press is an important book that focuses on the long history of bias against Haiti and Haitians by foreign observers. Robert Lawless, an anthropologist, analyzes Haitian culture and politics from its eighteenth ce...

Haiti: Resources for Community Development

This notebook contains a wide variety of information on community development in Haiti.

multiple pages, ilustrations, photos

Beyond the Mountains (Book) Parts I, II, III

Written for the New Yorker magazine

The Haitian Economy: Man, Land, and Markets

Haiti is a very poor country with a stagnant economy. This title, first published in 1983, considers the Haitian economy, placing it in its historical context, and explores the reasons why it has performed so badly. Mats Lun...

Peasants and Poverty: A Study of Haiti

Haiti is a country which, until the earthquake of 2010, remained largely outside the focus of world interest and outside the important international historical currents during its existence as a free nation. The nineteenth c...

Political Economy in Haiti: the Drama of Survival

This important study introduces the conceptual premise that families, like firms, analyze their circumstances, make decisions, and pursue courses of action on the basis of what they perceive to be the most efficient methods ...

Haiti: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture

In concise, informative chapters, Haiti in Focus looks at how the slaves of France's most prosperous colony defeated the armies of Napoleon, Spain, and Britain, and examines Haiti's subsequent fate after it became the world'...

Black Haiti: A Biography of Africa's Eldest Daughter

This book covers the history of Haiti.