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Using Good Micro-Organisms in Fish Farming - Video

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You can add good micro-organisms to your pond water to ensure good water quality. You can also treat the fry before stocking the pond. By adding good micro-organisms to your feed,...

Harvesting and Storing Sesame - Video

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Sesame is easy to grow. But poor harvesting, threshing and storage can decrease its quality. When sesame is too ripe, the seed capsules split open and release their seeds. So you l...

ICDA Sustainability Toolkit

This toolkit is a collection of existing resources, case studies, infographics, learning modules, community discussion forums, inspirational stories and more to help support sustainability in dietetics. We have taken existin...

Never Ending Food

“Never Ending Food (NEF) is a community-based initiative in Malawi, Africa which uses Permaculture design to address developmental issues of food/nutrition security, poverty reduction, climate change, and sustainable agricul...

Napier Grass

Napier Grass

Mainly used as fodder crop. Generally it is fed directly to cattle or made into silage or hay. It produces huge biomass and can be harvested multiple times in a year which making it a good raw materials for biofuel productio...

Using Good Micro-Organisms in Cattle Farming - Video

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To reduce the foul odour in your shed, place dry husks, sawdust, coconut dust or straw on the floor and regularly spray it with good micro-organisms. By adding micro-organisms to...

Low-Cost Seed Storage Technologies for Development Impact of Small-Scale Seed Saving Entities in Tropical Climates

Experimental Agriculture (2022), 1–14 doi:10.1017/S0014479722000023

Patrick Trail, Timothy Motis, Stacy Swartz, and Abram Bicksler

Keywords: Seed Saving; Seed Banking; Vacuum Sealing; Desiccants; Zeolite ...

Report: Are Livestock Always Bad for the Planet?

This report warns that the dominant picture of livestock’s impacts on climate change has been distorted by faulty assumptions that focus on intensive, industrial farming in rich countries. Millions of people worldwide who de...

The Biodiversity Advantage: Thriving with Nature - Biodiversity for Sustainable Livelihoods and Food Systems

IFAD’s second Biodiversity Advantage report showcases five IFAD projects which highlight the integral importance of biodiversity in agriculture.

These projects show how promoting biodiversity improves human and eco...

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