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Biosand Water Filtration System presentation

Clay Pot Cooler (Zeer Pot)

A guide to assembling, using, and maintaining clay pot coolers

Evaporative Cooling for Fruit & Vegetable Storage

MIT D-Lab, the World Vegetable Center, and Institut d'Economie Rurale (IER) have developed this guide in order to disseminate information about this simple, low...

Clay Pot Coolers: Keep Produce Fresh Without Electricity

Fruits and vegetables can spoil quickly in arid climates, leading to the loss of food, time, and money. Roughly 50% of fruits and vegetables harvested in Sub-Saharan Africa are lost between harvest and reaching the consumer,...

2021 ECHO Asia Biosand Water Filtration Workshop resources

This collection contains resources and photos from the ECHO Asia Biosand Water Filtration Workshops on 15 October and 22 October 2021

Performance of Clay Pot in Pot Refrigerator

Abstract, Inetrnational Journal of Engineering, 2020

Evaporative cooling is a well-known system to be an efficient and economical means for reducing the temperature and increasing the relative humidity in an enclos...

A Practical Zeer Pot (evaporative Cooler / Non-electrical Refrigerator)

A zeer pot is an evaporative cooler used in rural Africa and the Middle East to keep vegetables fresh. They consist of two terra cotta pots, one nested inside the other, with the gap between them filled with wet sand. The sa...


The Off-Grid Fruit and Vegetable Refrigerator in Mali

Clay pot coolers, also known as zeer pots, have been in use for centuries in many parts of the world and operate on a simple principle of passive evaporation. These storage devices, which operate without electricity, consist...

Pummelo, Ginger Marmalade