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At the center of our work is ECHO Development Notes (EDN), which we send quarterly to thousands of people in over 160 countries in three languages (English, French, and Spanish). In EDN we share the most helpful, practical information that we come across about growing food under difficult circumstances. 

Within each issue you'll find featured techniques, practices, information and experience to help guide your work in tropical and subtropical agricultural development. Also in EDN are "Echoes from Our Network," "From ECHO's Seed Bank," and more. Issues #1-51 were compiled in the 1990s into the Amaranth to Zai Holes book, which  or you may read it online here. Also, Agricultural Options for Small Scale Farmers, expanded on the foundation from Amaranth to Zai Holes by covering EDN 52 through 100, with articles from outside contributors. Agricultural Options for Small Scale Farmers is available for purchase from the ECHO Bookstore and Amazon.

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EDN Issue #11 - 1985-04-19

New Varieties Of High Lysine Corn Show Much More Promise For The Small Farm

Update On Items Discussed In Previous Issues


EDN Issue #10 - 1985-01-19

The Moringa Tree, Moringa Oleifera, Is Called Mother's Best Friend

A Pocket Directory Of Trees And Seeds In Kenya

Do Not Eat Sprouted Sorghum

Some Thoughts On Composting

How Should I Treat Soybeans So They Can Be Fed To Animals?

More On Animal Feeds

More On Uses Of The Neem Tree As An Insecticide

Tropical And Subtropical Fruit Trees For Arid Regions -- Part 2


EDN Issue #9 - 1984-09-19

Have You Tried Winged Beans, Psophocarpus Tetragonolobus?

How Are Winged Beans Cooked?

Honey Producing Trees Suitable For Multiple Use

Book Review: A Farmer's Primer On Growing Rice

Method For Protecting Trees From Goats

Growing Rabbits In Pits

Tropical And Subtropical Fruit Trees For Arid Regions

Keeping Monkeys Out Of Your Crops

How Adequate Is Chicken Manure Tea As A Fertilizer?

EDN Issue #8 - 1984-05-19

Innovative Methods Of Terracing

Quail Grass (Celosia Argentea) Is An Excellent Spinach Substitute For Hot Weather

Cucurbit Seeds As Possible Oil And Protein Sources For Small Scale Household Use In The Hot Humid Tropics

How Can I Garden In The Hot Humid Tropics?

EDN Issue #7 - 1984-02-19

Egusi Seeds Are High In Oil And Protein

Suggestions For Purchase Of Citrus Seeds

I Want To Plant Leucaena, But Which Type Should I Chose?

How Concerned Should I Be That Lead May Contaminate Urban Gardens?

More On Techniques For Growing Deciduous Fruits In Warmer Climates: Grapes

Update On Rooftop Gardens

How Do The Africans Handle African Bees?

Passion Fruit Project Is Especially Successful In Puerto Rico

Consider The Neem Tree For Reforestation And An Effective Insecticide

Toxic Plants Consumed By Goats Can Affect Humans Who Drink Their Milk

EDN Issue #6 - 1983-10-19

Pachyrhizus Erosus Tubers Might Be An Excellent Cash Crop For You To Consider

Treating And Storing Seed

A Method For Measuring The Viability Of Your Seeds

Roof Top Gardens For Urban Areas