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Maria Vittoria Conti, Ausilia Campanaro, Paola Coccetti, Rachele De Giuseppe, Andrea Galimberti, Massimo Labra, Hellas Cena, Potential role of neglected and underutilized plant species in improving women’s empowerment and nutrition in areas of sub-Saharan Africa, Nutrition Reviews, Volume 77, Issue 11, November 2019, Pages 817–828,

In the context of the nutrition transition, women in sub-Sahara Africa are a critical target group from a nutrition standpoint, and they experience significant discrimination in food production. Food-based, women-centered strategies are recommended to address nutrient gaps, and to educate and empower women. In this context, local natural resources, such as neglected and underutilized plant species (NUS), may contribute to adding nutritional value, enriching diet diversity, and ensuring nutrition security. The aim of the current narrative review is to investigate the nutritional status of the sub-Saharan African population and the potential role of local agriculture strategies in improving food production and diet diversity and in expanding income-generating activities for women. The nutritional properties of the most important regional NUS are also discussed.