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Presented By: Dan Janzen

Event: ECHO International Agriculture Conference (2022-11-16)

Session : This session goes over facts for the use of human urine as fertilizer, the safety considerations for the use of urine, Reducing risk, social, stigma, cropping system, regimented service functions, application systems, and more. 

Presenter : Missionary working in South Sudan with Christian world view transformation as the primary ministry coupled with agricultural or entrepreneurship self-supported development, particularly related to encouraging the best balance of purpose-driven business and high-value high income per hour (or high volume barter exchanges for the most rural communities which tie into missionary self-support rural business startup training) to rapidly build economies so they can free up time and money for volunteerism functioning as change agents for charity, discipleship, justice ministry (freedom for pursuit of life/liberty/pursuit of happiness, equal opportunity for all, not equal result/outcome for all through redistribution). By so doing we are moving people away from dependency, entitlement, envy, looting, “might makes right” criminal activity, and away from the low goals of subsistence, and even much beyond meager sustainability based on Malthusian scarcity. The resulting prosperity should then be used to bless others in the most strategic ways of solving the most important problems and initiating mission efforts and local and even widespread revival movements of spiritual transformation.
I am a huge Roland Bunch practitioner because I have tried what he recommends (Jack Beans in particular here in South Sudan) he gives us options indigenous people used and can to scale up through perennial legume intercropping in times when startup funds are not available for mechanization-biased technologies.  Scaling up through excellence in management has never been so possible for all peoples to be blessed.  Thank you Roland and for your newest edition “Restoring our Soils”.  If you live in Africa in particular you have to get a copy from ECHO!