1. 1975-01-01 219 pages, illustrated
  2. This workshop is an introduction to nematodes, plant parasitic nematodes, and shows results from experiments at ECHO, and the opportunity to view infested plant roots and living nematodes under a microscope. Dr. Edward Berkalaar, ECHO, November 16, Workshop Session (PowerPoint page copies)
  3. 2018-11-20 Root-knot nematodes invade crop roots, form galls, and steal plant nutrients causing 125 billion dollars of crop loss worldwide (Ara and Hossain, 2011). Biological control methods such as compost, yard waste, and organic fertilizers can release nematicidal compounds as they decompose (McSorley,...
  4. Very useful to farmers, home gardeners, county agents and others interested in growing plants and who have occasion to be concerned about the problem of controlling nematodes may fine helpful information in this book.