1. 2023-10-17
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  3. 2023-10-18 Smallholder farmers across the globe are 'on the frontlines' of environmental, economic, and social challenges in their communities. While they face the most adverse effects, they also play the most pivotal role in driving solutions. We will share Plant With Purpose’s proven strategy for holistic...
  4. 2023-10-20 Explore the journey of nurturing Singapore's urban farming ecosystem, from visionary concepts to practical implementations that are reshaping the urban landscape. Singapore, though a small country, was once an agrarian country and had once even been self-sufficient. However, due to land...
  5. 2023-10-20 Agroecology has been advanced in fora around the world as a people-centered approach to transformation of food and agriculture systems. But, what is agroecology really? In this session, Dr. Abram Bicksler will share about the complexities of food and agriculture systems and identify principles,...
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