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Abstract, International Journal of Waste Resources, 2016

The purpose of this study is to show that, given the global water crisis, it is possible to find alternatives to reuse gray water. A gray water source may be an alternative for use in irrigation in grain crops, among other applications. This feasibility analysis was carried out for two years. The solution promotes the efficient use of water in an existing vertical building, based on the physical and social aspects of the building, adopting the rational use of water, and considering the reuse of laundry gray water for garden irrigation and cleaning of the common area. This model was used for a full-scale building, medium to high standard, vertical, condominium regime. The study found that the implementation of the measures studied may generate volume savings equivalent to the consumption of 30 families annually. To increase sustainability on a global scale it is essential to implement new water reuse projects, and to promote wise water management in buildings.