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Published: 19/02/1983

Dr. Frank Martin is a research specialist in sweet potato breeding. He writes, "A persistent nagging question is why people don't eat and don't want to eat more sweet potatoes. We believe this is due to sweetness itself, as well as flavors and textures that are not liked. We developed a new product that anyone can make in his house that is less sweet, of more agreeable texture, and of better flavor than most sweet potatoes. People who don't like sweet potatoes do like our product. Please try this recipe in your kitchen and let us know what you think: (1) Peel the sweet potato and eliminate any bad spots. (2) Cut very carefully into slices about 1/8" (3mm) thick. (3) Cover the slices with water. Leave for two hours, moving slices 3-4 times so that all sides are exposed to the water. (4) Discard the water and rinse. (5) Boil 20 minutes. (6) Discard the water. (7) Mash. At this time salt, milk or margarine can be added. (8) Serve mixed with mayonnaise or salad dressings, with beans or bean sauce, with meats or gravy, or mixed into soups. It can also be molded into patties and fried. The product is best used fresh, and should not be stored for long periods."

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ECHO Staff 1983. Preparation Of Diffusion Processed Sweet Potato At Home. ECHO Development Notes no. 4


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