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The term “experience capitalization” refers to the process by which a specific project or programme (or “an experience” in general) is described and analysed, and from which lessons are identified, shared and used to improve development interventions.

This is an iterative process that helps identify specific innovations and practices, and understand the reasons behind success or failure. It can help provide evidence, supporting advocacy efforts. An organisation can respond more quickly and more effectively to a crisis or to the changes that might arise. Increased efficacy may reduce costs, save time, and strengthen an organisation. An additional benefit is that, through the involvement of different participants in the process, both the capacities of and the collaborative relationships between these participants are strengthened.

Although experience capitalization is included in the different knowledge strategies of many organisations, it is still not applied in a global and systematic way. With these pages, CTA wants to share the lessons drawn by many of the organisations, projects and programmes trying it out, and in this way encourage others to follow them – and benefit in the same way.