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Abstract, ResearchGate, 2015

This work was aimed at developing an effective ceramic water filter candle that is inexpensive and affordable by all and sundry. The ceramic bodies were formulated from Nsu-clay and combustible materials which act as pore-creating agent. The formulated bodies were subjected to physical analysis to determine some parameters which showed that the compounded ceramic bodies were effective in treatment of water. The Casting method of production was used to form candle shape and subjected to atmospheric drying and fired to temperature of 900 0 C. The Nsu-clay filter-treated water samples were compared with that of raw water. The results indicate that Nsu-clay filter is very effective in removing suspended particles, coloured dissolved substances, unsavory odours and taste. Nsu-clay filter candle is mechanically strong, permeable and cheap, providing quality water drinking while the technology is accessible to all class of people and also the high abundance of raw materials make production of Nsu-clay filter economically viable.