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Maize is an annual warm-climate crop in the grass family, thriving in open sunny environments with daytime temperatures of 20-24C. Maize is used fresh, frozen, canned, rolled and roasted for corn flakes, pressed for oil, or processed for ethanol as fuel. Maize is also an important feed source for poultry, swine and cattle. The whole plant is used as green fodder or as silage for cattle.

One of the parents of Tex Cuban maize, this variety is a tropical yellow seeded maize useful for silage and feed. It has done well on the ECHO Florida farm in the 2-4-2 maize trials. It is dependable and has shown resistance to lodging even with heavy rain and wind. It performs well in day-neutral zones. If used in more temperate zones, the plant will achieve tall green growth but will not tassel until day length shortens to 14 hours.