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by Sovanneary Huot, Dr. David Ader, Dr. Srean Pao, Dr. Ricky Bates, and Hans Goertz

This recipe and nutrition guide is written in Khmer and focuses on wild food plants, sometimes called neglected and underutilized species, of the country of Cambodia. Smallholders forage and/or cultivate plants with a diversity of functions, but this resource focuses on wild food plants and how to incorporate them into daily diets. Many wild food plants are nutrient-dense and include vital nutrients and minerals for human health. Information about these plants has been lost over time though elders in communities may still remember how to cultivate and/or cook them. This cookbook Cambodian Food Culture: Wild food plant dishes contains thirteen recipes highlighting wild food plants. Each recipe details ingredients and preparation steps for traditional dishes. Nutritional tables are at the end of the book. The authors state that "The purpose of this book is to promote the stewardship and understanding of the benefits and sues of wild food plants for everyday food consumption."