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Published: 1993-03-19

Many of us know alfalfa as a nutritious, temperate, leguminous, hay crop. We usually do not think of it as a species to be grazed. After 12 years of testing and development scientists at the University of Georgia have developed the high yielding, grazing tolerant variety called ‘Alfagraze’. This cultivar is based on a broad genetic base of 22 cultivars and 1,100 introductions, but was developed for the dual purpose of grazing and hay production for farmers in the States. We do not know how it will do overseas. Dr. Clarence Bryner, who has consulted in pasture projects overseas, believes it merits trial and has purchased enough to enable a few of our readers to give it a try. To stand any chance of success at all the Ph of your soil must be over 6.5 and you must be able to protect the alfalfa from grazing animals until it reaches full maturity. (After establishment it can be kept grazed to 4 inches).

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ECHO Staff 1993. 'Alfagraze,' A Forage Alfalfa. ECHO Development Notes no. 40