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  1. Notebook, various paged sections, illustrated
  2. 01-01-1979 210 pages, illustrated
  3. 01-01-1978 432 pages, illustrated, photos
  4. 01-01-1962 The Centennial History Of The Department of Agriculture. 688 pages, illustrated, photos
  5. 01-01-2001 The long-awaited English edition of the famous "Mansfeld" gives a full account of all agricultural and horticultural plants, other than ornamentals, grown throughout the world presently or in the past. Over 6000 species are covered, including food crops, forage, oil, fibre, and others. For the...
  6. 01-01-1979 142 pages, illustrated, photos
  7. 01-01-2006 "A Hand to the Plough" looks at the influences at work in the twenty-first century through science, economics, politics and religion. These raise challenges for all democrats, and emphasise the need for faith in the individual's ability to make a difference. In the second half Patrick Evans...
  8. 01-01-1995 91 pages, tables
  9. 06-01-1984 Notebook, various paged sections, illustrated
  10. 01-01-1989 44 pages, illustrated