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  1. Watermelon, Citrullus lanatus, is part of the Cucurbitaceae family and is thought to have originated in Southern Arica. Today, watermelon is cultivated all over the world on all five continents. Watermelon is frost sensitive and are monoecious (both male and female flowers are produced on the...
  2. Onion ((Allium cepa) is a recently introduced crop to Ethiopia. The release of a variety from introduced materials (from Sudan) has marked the beginning of extensive production of onion in the country. Ever since the crop is distributed to different parts of the country and is now become an...
  3. This publication was compiled by representatives from Perennia using information from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada, specific pesticide labels, previous Atlantic Provinces Vegetable Pest Guides and manufacturer’s information. This information is continuously changing and...
  4. Topics covered in this resources include: Soils and climate Fertilisation Varietal choice Choosing the right soya bean variety Planting and crop management Soyabean Planting Guide Pests and diseases Harvesting
  5. This resource cover onion diseases such as: Damping-off purple Blotch Stemphylium Blight Basal Rot Downy Mildew OnionSmut Onion Smudge Black Mould Bacterial Brown Rot Onion Yellow Dwarf Anthracnose White rot Neck rot
  6. This Resources highlights onion diseases such as: Botrytis brown stain Sclerotium bulb and stem rot Bacterial Soft Rot Slippery Skin and Sour Skin Xanthomonas leaf blight Mildew Black Mold Blue Mold Rot Smudge (Anthracnose) Downy Mildew
  7. Topics covered in this resource include: Soil Requirement Site selection Land Preparation Seed rate and treatment Planting Fertilizer Requirement Harvesting Yeild
  8. Objectives: Understanding the diseases and pests that affect onion farming and their management and prevention.
  9. Importance of sugar beans: Valuable source of protein. Enhancement of soil fertility through nitrogen fixation. Valuable cash crop.
  10. Topics covered in this resource include: Soils and climate Varietal choice Planing and crop establishment Fertilisation Plant spacing for beans sown on 45cm rows Plant spacing for beans sown on 50cm rows Diseases Pests Harvesting