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  1. The author gives an intimation of the source of happiness that beekeepers have discovered and to convey his philosophy that is so closely interwoven with hisbeekeeping.
  2. Bees pollinate a wide range of flowers and plants and, by so doing, provide the seed for the next harvest. This booklet aims to raise awareness and provide information about oppontunities at the farm and local community level to increase small-scale farmer income.
  3. In this publication will be found examples of sensible endeavour from modest beginnings, backed by research, training, long-range perspectives, consistent application, and practical incentives to producers rather than mere exhortations. These examples may be found among others, in Belize, Kenya,...
  4. This volume provides basic information about managing wild bees and on the use of their products. It identifies and describes major bee species and their importance for nature conservation and for sustaining livelihoods of rural people.
  5. This book has four primary objectives: to give information; to dispel fear; to give suggestions on how to encourage bees to make surplous honey for their keeper; to give each reader a personality examination so that he may personally evaluate his chances of becoming a success beekeeper.
  6. This document explains how to encourage and protect the important relationship between bees and trees, and the benefits of doing so.
  7. This volume contains authentic information on all aspects of keepeeping in a consise and popular style. It is intended to serve as a handy reference and guide-book for students of agriculture, extension workers and all those who are interested in beekeeping either as a hobby or as a profession.
  8. A study guide prepared as part of an educational television series in beginning beekeeping, entitled: Bees and honey.
  9. This edition contains a glossary which gives the definition of common beekeeping terms. It is hoped this reference will aid the beginning beekeeper in understanding the more technical portions of his work. 2 editions
  10. 07-05-1990 Proceedings of the first NECTAR seminar, held at the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, 7 May 1990. 87 pages, illustrated, photos