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अप्रैल 02, 2018 13:29 - अप्रैल 03, 2018 13:29
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Presented By: AgReach
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This symposium will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss and deliberate on:

  • How to highlight extension’s crucial role in international agricultural development
  • What works in agricultural/rural advisory services and why
  • How to effectively deliver extension services to smallholder farmers
  • What it takes to increase support for extension services


Topics of Interest:

  • Effective extension methods at the farmer, organizational, and country/system levels
  • Innovative approaches to sustainably reach women farmers and youth
  • Using ICTs to empower staff and reach more farmers
  • The political economy of agricultural extension
  • Extension in post-conflict and post-disaster contexts
  • Partnerships to strengthen extension
  • Extension for improved nutrition, natural resource management, and sustainable agriculture

Event hosted by: AgReach; Office of International Programs; University of Illinois College of ACES; INGENAES; Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program


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