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This Agrodok aims at provideing basic information on how to set up a small-scale fish farm for subsistence purposes.  The first part describes the principles of fish farming, types of fish farms, methods of fish farming, and pond maintenance and monitoring.  Also included is a section on periphyton-based fish farming, a new and promising technology.  The second part of the book gives basic guidelines for setting up a fish farm and covers the selection of a proper site, of farm type and of fish specieis to be cultured.  Fish nutrition, health, reproduction, harvesting and post-harvesting aspects are briefly discussed.  2 Copies 

Publication Details

  • Publisher: Agromisa
  • ISBN-10: 9072746724
  • Dewey Decimal: 639.309
  • ECHO Library: 639.309 VAN
  • ECHO Asia Library: AA.006