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Properly drying paddy rice can avoid huge losses. When your rice is not dried properly, you can lose crop to mold, pests, and other issues. Paddy drying is difficult, especially during rainy and cloudy days. This is why it is best to use a dryer for your crop. The BAU-STR is an efficient batch dryer device. It is low cost to make and run and it reduces labor costs and health risks. This dryer can be used even on rainy days because of its design.

Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) is a university based program. SAWBO transforms extension information on relevant topics such as agriculture, disease and women's empowerment, into 2D, 2.5D and 3D animations, which are then voice overlaid into a diversity of languages from around the world.

All SAWBO animations are made freely available to anyone wishing to use them for educational purposes. Animations can be downloaded from a diversity of SAWBO channels and used on computers, tablets, cell phones, TVs, and overhead projection systems.

SAWBO’s animations are FREELY available for you to use them for educational purposes.


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