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Trees That Feed Foundation has provided many thousands of fruit trees, donated hundreds of thousands of meals to schoolchildren, helped establish food processing factories, and printed thousands of educational coloring books.

  1. In addition to feeding needy families,Trees That Feed Foundation wants to see sustainable, profit-making, and food producing businesses. First, of course, basic food needs must be met. Once those basic needs are met, our farmers and communities would like to produce cash crops and post-harvest...
  2. Drying can be expensive. Fuel is expensive and the cost of electricity in many countries is prohibitive. And yet sunshine is in abundance where tropical fruit grow. Solar drying makes so much sense, both economic and environmentally. Solar drying by the way is NOT photovoltaic. We don’t try to...
  3. TTFF plants fruit trees in Haiti, Jamaica, Antigua, The Bahamas, Barbados, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, St. Vincent, Suriname, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Uganda, Pakistan, and soon Dominica, U.S. Virgin Islands and Tanzania. Breadfruit trees, mango trees, many others. Our vision is seeing self-sustaining...

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