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Sweetpotato DiagNotes is an interactive tool for extension workers, students, researchers and others who want to learn about the crop; about the pest, disease and other problems that can occur; how to diagnose crop symptoms and what management practices can be used to deal with sweetpotato disorders.

This product has been developed by an international team involving:

- The School for Land and Food Sciences and The Centre for Biological Information Technology, both at The University of Queensland

- PhilRootcrops, at Leyte State University in the Philippines

- The International Potato Center (CIP) and

- A number of other, international collaborators.

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) funded the research, development and production of this product. The interactive (Lucid) key contained in this product allows users to diagnose or at least make a short list of possible problems occurring in a sweetpotato crop.

The key covers over 80 sweetpotato insect and mite pests, nematodes, diseases, nutrient and other disorders. The combination of text descriptions and over 700 images helps users in the process of diagnosing their problems. Extensive notes are available on the signs and symptoms about each of the specific problems while making a diagnosis. Full fact sheets are also provided for each problem, giving further information on such topics as taxonomy, economic importance, geographical distribution, biology and ecology, and management.